Name On It

"Devotion" - pastel on paper 22" x 16"
“Devotion” – pastel on paper 22″ x 16″

I asked my sister to send me pictures of people wearing hats a few months ago. My sister lives in Colorado. She sent me a photograph of a cowboy with his border collie. You know that saying “swing a dead cat…”? In Colorado you swing a dead cat and you’ll hit a horse or a horseman. Especially if you are out on the eastern slope of Colorado up to the Rockies. So I did this drawing for her from the photograph. I made a little bit of a departure from my usual style in the use of the tortillion. A tortillion is the traditional rolled up paper stump that is used for blending. Usually I don’t use the tortillion much, if at all. I prefer to see a lot of texture. In this one I decided to blend and blend away. It turned out pretty well so I decided to put my name on it.

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