I write about things that interest me. I hope you will find them interesting, too!

I struggled with how to give you access to my old blog which started in 2012 when we moved to a 1,000 acre cattle ranch in a remote part of Northern California. We lived there, managing that ranch, for four years before we saved up enough money to buy our own little rancho. I wrote a lot while we were there. High jinks and shenanigans!

Here’s a link to that blog. It started out as Grindstone Ranch Weekly. Then it morphed into an homage to Wendell Berry and became known as A Continuous Harmony http://www.acontinuousharmony.com/

Additionally, I have a You Tube video that has over 300,000 views as of January 2018. This was originally a Capper’s Farmer post and then we made a video to further clarify the instructions given in the article. Here’s the You Tube link: https://youtu.be/BysQWtc7g98

Then here’s a link to the Capper’s Farmer article: https://www.cappersfarmer.com/do-it-yourself-projects/sewing-and-quilting/how-to-make-an-old-fashioned-rag-rug