I haven’t been working a lot recently. I’ve been stuck. I’ve been trying to write about how this feels but so far I’ve been unsuccessful in doing that.

However, I don’t feel bad about this but it does have to change and change soon. I just know this and I’m taking steps. I once read something that I agree with. To be an artist you don’t have to be working. You are an artist. There’s nothing you can do about it. Either you are or you aren’t. When you are, you are either working or you’re not. Right now, I’m not. But I have work in mind so it’s only a matter of time and then… I’ll be working again!

The way I get unstuck is this: First, don’t panic. The waves crash on the shore and then they recede. This is the way of life. Accept it. When you’re in recession don’t start crying or feel depressed. Just be in recession. You need that. It’s this crazy world that says you must always be ON. You should not always be on. Sometimes you have to turn off. This is the natural way. The thing is this: getting upset just ruffles the surface of the water. How can inspiration rise from the bottom and be seen if the surface of the water is in turmoil? So let it be. There will be an answer. Let it be. Give yourself permission to trust in Creative Intelligence to give you what you really need in perfect divine timing. Guess what? Tomorrow or maybe the next you’ll see! I mean, literally! You will see.

Anyway, this is what works for me. And guess what. I don’t have writer’s or artist’s or anything block. Thank you. Big sigh of relief.

I just submitted two pieces, two pastels, to the Orland Art Center Group Show that is in August. I’ve  posted these two pieces on this blog. Guess which ones they are!

In the meantime here’s some old, old pieces I still like. They are from my college days when I was an intaglio printmaker.

indian man


15 thoughts on “Stuck”

  1. Renee —Better to be stuck with talent in your bones rather than to be stuck in the hellish hole of health crises AND no talent. (which is me in a nutshell) Cheer up. You have soooo much going on….love ya Good luck with your submissions. Skype me sometime.

    1. I can’t skype. I’m still living in the age of the dinosaur. But we can email or talk by phone. What’s going on with your health. Whoever called it the “Golden Age” wasn’t old. Have you heard of Advanced Style? When I get an email update from them I think of you, O Stylish One.

  2. It feels like being stuck but I am in the gardens as you say. I’m so very grateful for being here. Finally! I’m stuck in the garden. Good place to be stuck. I will be unstuck soon. This morning I laid in bed a little longer and my mind was racing with ideas. Soon.

  3. Oh, beautiful person! This is what I hear the artist saying: I have found myself grounded by creative exhaustion. It is a lovely place to be! Exhilarated and my world is as fresh as a blank canvas. In this state of what I call ‘stuck’, I search for ways to let the world know that I am at peace. There is no call for encouragement, no need for inspirational lip service and that there is nothing standing in my way. I am not calling the crazies of this world to tell me what to do! No, I should not be panicked, should not be working and I should not get unstuck. If you choose to muddy my waters I cannot help but be the artist that I am and create via blind faith. Not because of the shoulds. No, not because of that!
    But because, “I am the walrus! Koo-koo ka-joo! (Oops, just wanted to make you smile with a Beatles reference!)

    1. You certainly did make me smile! Big smile. Thank you for that!

      You must be an artist yourself because you recapitulated exactly what I am saying. You even said it better as if you have experienced this same feeling. Bravo!

      1. Maybe the mind of an artist but my bones won’t create!
        My dad was the artist. He and I spent a lot of time ‘seeing’.
        Making up stories as we walked through the many trails of painted landscapes or soaking in the natural beauty everywhere and in everyone.
        It’s been a long time since art has spoken to me, Renee-Lucie. Perhaps I had just closed my eyes until you came along and opened them again. Thank you.

      2. Donna, thank you! I must reply that it’s clear that you have the mind of an artist and seer. Your understanding of the process is deep. You understand the art of life which is the same, at its core, as the life of an artist.

  4. Art Show guesses: Which to choose? Which to chooose? My guess is the woodsman and top o’ the morning. But please say cowgirl! She’s my favorite!

    1. Oh this was a hard choice because I really like The Cowgirl, too. I decided against The Cowgirl because she is too similar to one of the pieces I had last year at the Group Show. Yes! I chose The Woodsman and Top O the Mornin’!

  5. What is an intaglio print? How do you preserve such treasures?

    I shared your pieces with my dh. I had him study the features and when he saw it I squealed, “RIGHT down to the elder’s fadeD FEATHER!!!”

    Have a happy day 🙂

    1. An intaglio (in-ta-lee-oh) print is one where with metal carving tools (burins, etc.) one carves a picture into a metal plate (copper or zinc). This is called an engraving. Then one applies special heavy ink and wipes it off. Ink remains in the grooves. Then the plate is placed upon a press, paper goes on top with thick felt sheets and a big roller rolls over it all and the image goes onto the paper. Kind of like a really sophisticated linoleum block print. The image can also be made with acid bath. That’s called an etching or aquatint.

      Since we always did it on archival paper (BFK Rives or Arches) the engraving can last a long time as long as it stays dry.

      1. Thank you for answering my questions. Especially about something I could look up for myself! It is often more pleasant to learn from a person than to read the same on the ‘net.

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