Le “Woodsman” est arrivés


A man knows when he has found his vocation when he stops thinking about how to live and begins to live.”
Thomas Merton

This drawing is a little bit of a departure from my previous ones in that it doesn’t involve a cowboy hat. However, I rest in confidence that it joins the rest of my drawings appropriately. There is a hat in it after all. I particularly liked the image of the snow dusting the clothing and face of the subject. It was challenging. The colors weren’t as strong as in my other drawings. There were lots of little details in the cloth and the dusting of snow. I oversimplified the forest behind him. I want the viewer to focus on the subject and just get the idea of the woods. This man is a true woodsman. He lives in Sweden. I feel honored to be able to draw this image.

7 thoughts on “Le “Woodsman” est arrivés”

    1. I would but as you can see I don’t work with the “traditional” frontal image. If you can get me an unusual angle and high res I will do it and be thrilled! Uncomplicated back ground also. I like blocks of tone. My other works can serve as examples. Oh! And a hat! Does your boy ever wear hats?

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