We Build Our Own Stonehenge

One of the great things about being old – but not too old – and retired (this is important) is that you can indulge your fantasies. You’ve got the time. Hopefully you’ve got the resources and if you do, well, then who cares what people think? It’s your ever-shortening life and naysayers and code enforcement be damned! Maybe this is why so many geezers have yards full of glass bottle art or what-not.

We have 4 acres. It was mostly sticker bushes and now is mostly native grasses. The front quarter acre is a tabla rasa waiting for inspiration.

That’s when it hits me. Stonehenge! Let’s make our own version of Stonehenge! It doesn’t have to be to scale. It will look cool. We have local rocks available. Bisbee is just 20 miles down the road and they have all sorts of cool rocks leftover from copper mining days. We have the heavy equipment with which to tote the rocks around. And we have the space.

Pretty soon Marty is going to mow the front quarter acre. The native grasses there have gone to seed and will regrow next year when we get rain. Once it’s mowed then I’ll be able to go out and figure what size of circle will look good. Then I’ll mark out the circle.

After that I will design the arrangement of rocks. While I’m doing this, I figure I will have the design mark the solstice and equinox. Why the hell not?

Things to consider:

How much do rocks weigh?  (do all rocks weight about the same or do different types of rocks weigh differently?)

How much weight can our truck carry safely? (this will dictate how big the rocks can be)

How will I get the rocks in and out of the back of the truck?

One good thing is we have a backhoe so when we figure out how to get them in and out of the truck we can use the back hoe to place them.

Halfway there!

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