Let’s Face It

Kids are the original and preeminent artists. The younger they are the more fearless they are. In this little project I’m working with preschool age children. I thought the colors came out vibrant and unsullied and the drawings energetic and expressive. So often adults create mud. Kids know when to stop.

We started with a drawing in sharpie pen and then we colored it in with brushes using ordinary watercolor paint. I was so impressed. For the record these are works from the talented little kids at St. Joachim School in Madera, CA. I have been teaching art in the Madera Unified School District and for the Golden Valley School District since last Fall and enjoying it very much.

Kitty and a rainbow. Six legs? Why not? Maybe it’s running fast.
A cat of many colors
Another Paul Klee in the making.
I love the expression!
A castle surrounded by a moat. The blue pops off the page.
When they fill the page I am so delighted.
Cat jumping over a rainbow. Extra legs seem important.

2 thoughts on “Let’s Face It”

  1. Oh my goodness, Renee, I love it!!!! Thank you for sharing these. Love the endless cat legs!!! A good inspiration for a poem maybe: when you jump over the rainbow. …
    I take my kids to their art classes on Fridays where a homeschool mom teaches and I sit in the back and soak up all that overpouring enthusiasm and creativity and curiosity of the little ones. I look forward to this one hour every single week. They are little batteries that charge us up.

    1. “They are little batteries that charge us up.” Boy, isn’t that ever the truth. After I leave an elementary age class my faith in humanity is renewed. This isn’t home school. It’s public school and so they are “corralled” but art make them come alive and that is something wonderful to observe!

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