Beautiful October

October is my favorite month and it’s not just because my birthday is on the 13th.

Oak Creek Canyon near Sedona. An amazing place to hike.

Some of my best memories are wrapped up in October. Riding horses into the timber near the river with my dad and sister as well as hiking along the river and sometimes wading in because the river is very shallow in October. Hunting for hickory nuts on a windy day. The crunch of fallen leaves as I purposely step on each and every one as I walk down the sidewalk. Watching the starlings wheeling in the sky like a school of sardines. Clapping my hands like a gunshot to make the starlings dive away. Chomping into a ripe pear fresh off the tree on an Indian summer day. Magic seems to meet me in October.

I open the windows and let the cool breeze in. Such a welcome relief after the hot days of summer. I spend more time outdoors doing chores. Getting everything just-so in the house because there will be days ahead when we don’t feel like going out. Thinking about my reading list. Putting up canned tomatoes for the chili I will make.

October means making way for seasonal shifts inside our home, planning time together, and, of course, a first taste of fall cooking in the kitchen. Pots of beans, cinnamon sticky buns, homemade bread.

What’s your favorite month?

Near the Iowa River
Leaves waiting to be crunched
They look like a school of fish
There’s nothing better than a ripe pear right off the tree
I make the best sticky buns if I do say so myself

7 thoughts on “Beautiful October”

  1. Hello Renee, Sarah’s Aunt Micki here. Love your beautiful pictures. We are still in CO and the colors here are amazing. Heading back to AZ in a couple of weeks. Our summer has not been good this year. The day before Father’s Day I had a stroke. Between ICU and in-patient therapy I spent a month in the hospital. Then another 8 weeks of out-patient therapy, which I complete on the 14th. It’s been a process, but I’m slowly improving.

    How is everything going with you’re new home? The weather treating you OK? I see you’re getting around and seeing the area. Arizona has so many beautiful and unique places to enjoy. Depending on how I’m doing we’re hoping to check out Tombstone and Bisbee this winter. Never know, our paths may cross.


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    1. Hi Micki! So great to hear from you! I am sorry to hear of your difficulties. Being in the hospital that long is so annoying. Necessary but annoying. I had a stay for 16 days back in 2011 so I know from experience. I am glad you are improving even if it is slow. We are really liking SE AZ. Never got over 95 all summer and monsoon made it really nice. So green. Not Arid-zona… Verde-zona! Please come visit if you get to Tombstone/Bisbee. Door’s open and the light’s on!

  2. Yeah, October birthday guy here, too. Not sure though what my favorite month might be, but can’t go wrong with a birthday one. Your pear comments reminded me that not only do they taste devine, but they’re high in fiber just like raspberries. Guess when you become a septuagenarian things like that matter more. Iowa River pic pretty cool and yes, fun to step on leaves even here in FL. Take care and keep the posts coming. –Tom Haight

      1. 28th for me so a full-fledged Scorpio! And a big yes to your sticky buns recipe. Love ’em! –Tom

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