Leaving Lee’s

“Sometimes I go about in pity for myself, and all the while, a great wind carries me across the sky” ā€“ Ojibwe saying

We’re moving on today. We’ve been at Lee’s Ferry Campground for 10 days and we’ve done everything we could do, seen everything we could see. There’s plenty more but because of Covid we could not see Horseshoe Bend. There were always crowds of people and we didn’t want to take the chance. Other sights stand in. We would have loved to take a kayak or a raft and float down the Colorado River from Glen Canyon Dam to Lee’s Ferry but Covid again. You leave your car at Lee’s Ferry and then they pack you into a car with a bunch of other numbskulls not wearing masks and take you to the put-in at the dam. Not my idea of a good time. As I said, other sights stand in.

Not the least of which was the sighting of the condor on Navajo Bridge at Marble Canyon. We had been to take pictures at Cliff Dwellers (it’s a modern town/community) and we stopped at a vendor where I bought a lovely copper bracelet from the Navajo Dine artisan. He gave us some recommendations including checking out the bridge for condors. I didn’t really believe him so when we went there the next day and some guy walking toward us on the pedestrian bridge announced that there was a condor underneath the bridge on the girders I couldn’t believe our good luck.

Marty wanted me to throw a rock at it to make it take off so he could take pictures of it in flight but #1 it’s illegal to throw things from the bridge and #2 there was no way I could throw a rock that far.

The fuzzy person in the foreground is me. A California condor can weigh up to 23 lbs. and have a wingspan of 9-1/2 feet. Think of it sitting in one of your smaller bedrooms and having the wings go tip to tip to each wall.

The part I’m going to miss about Lee’s Ferry are the mornings and evenings. That’s when the sun rises or sets and hits the canyon walls just right with a glow of orange. I could live at Lonely Dell Ranch. It’s remote and made of stone and they have many, many mature trees including fruit trees. Lake Powell is amazing even if at access points there are too many people.

That’s it for now. We have to pack up because we’re moving on to Zion National Park, More pictures to come and more commentary. All the best to you.

2 thoughts on “Leaving Lee’s”

  1. Always look forward to your posts and the pictures you draw with words. Thanks for sharing this experience! šŸ˜Š

  2. Good morning to you from FL. Interesting read as always. Continuing to enjoy the journey, I see, and all that it brings you both. Just read where the missing hiker was found ok in Zion. Good for her! Interested to hear her survival story. Safe travels; so many say Zion is not to be missed. Suggesting listening on the way to Zion: “El Condor Pasa”, Simon and Garfunkel. Yeah, I know. –Tom

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