Nobody Waits. Everybody Leaves.

sunset 5

We’re on a cliff at the Samuel Boardman State Recreation Area on the southern Oregon coast. Such a breathtaking area. We’re waiting for the sun to set. As we wait people in cars show up. They all stay a couple minutes and then get back in their cars and leave. What’s the big hurry, people? We will never pass this way again.

The guy from the white van says, with outstretched arms, if you stand here you can feel the warm air rising from the cliff. The people in the sports car don’t even get out of their car. A girl comes up from lower down on the cliff with a dog who looks up at her and wags his tail as they walk away. If you wait for it you get the sunset. Nobody waits for it. They’re apparently satisfied with a portion. This is the difference between the photographer and the person who take pictures. The photographer or, if you want to go that far, the artist has patience to wait for the Big Moment. To be there in case the Big Moment happens. Maybe the ordinary person has no faith that the Big Moment will come. Maybe the ordinary person is in too big of a hurry. Has too many commitments.

Who decides who waits for the Big Moment? Who decides if you are an artist or an ordinary person? Only you. No one else. Give yourself permission to wait for the Big Moment. To not hurry away before the Big Moment arrives. Stay and see if it comes.

Far below us the beach looks littered with whale bones. The surf is a faint and rhythmic rumble.

Eggs in a Nest

A Recipe for On the Road or Anytime

(ingredients are per person; add additional ingredients as needed

1 Egg per person

¼ cup shredded mozzarella

Handful of chopped fresh spinach

Tablespoon of parmesan cheese

¼ avocado chopped

Crack egg(s) into hot iron skillet seasoned with olive oil. Turn heat down to medium. Sprinkle mozzarella around egg to make a “nest”. Add chopped spinach and chopped avocado on top of nest. Sprinkle parmesan on the whole thing. Let mozzarella get crispy but not burnt around the edges. If you don’t want your eggs runny cover them with a lid and let steam for a couple minutes. Serve with Gochuchang sauce or hot sauce if you want or just enjoy as is.


2 thoughts on “Nobody Waits. Everybody Leaves.”

  1. Hi Renee
    Earlier you ask for reading suggestions. When we traveled we like the Bill Bryson audio series. He has many but we started with ‘A Short History of Nearly Everything’ All of ours were on CDs. Amazon shows the whole series.

    1. Thanks Dean! I will definitely check that out. Howard suggested Travels with Charley which turned out to be more than enjoyable. It’s a learning experience, too. Steinbeck has absolutely no fear in his writing and that is inspiring to me in my writing.

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