Ditto (About the Love)

Then because I really feel best when I’m drawing I decided to work on a project I’ve had in mind for months. One day a few weeks after we’d been here we went to the Lazy K colt sale over by Chowchilla (don’t you love that name! Pronounced just how it looks.). There were a host of colorful characters there and I serreptitously snapped a few shots of terribly interesting faces. I saw this older man that I instantly fell in love with. He was with a younger man (his grandson?). They both had the same hats on. I was dying to go up to them and ask who are you you’re both beautiful and where are those hats from but I chickened out.

The photo I took, of course, was so, so bad but it had enough information for me to figure stuff out. I guess that’s the bennies of doing this for so long that you can know what is supposed to go where and you can put it in. The way is now in the DNA.

My dad said it just has to be convincing. I think this is. PS just so you know I’m actually going to put a little more work into his coat and the back ground but not much. His face is the interesting part.