If You Are an Artist Don’t Do This


I’m right in the midst of doing something you should try never to do if you are an artist. If you have to do it, keep it to a minimum. I’m referring to MOVING. It’s terribly disrupting to Your Flow. Anyway it’s been terrible disrupting to MY flow. It has to be done in this case. We’re going to a much better place. It’s OURS. That makes it automatically much better and necessary but moving? I would not recommend it. Especially to an artist. As a young artist I always wondered why Andrew Wyeth, for example, always lived in the place he grew up, in Brandywine, Pennsylvania. I’ve can’t ask him but I can tell you now from experience staying one spot has big advantages. One advantage is your poor art work does not get jossled around in the moving. The other thing is you never have to go through packing it up so it only gets jossled to a minimum. Then, of course, there’s the aforementioned “flow” that gets interrupted. It’s taken me 2 months to finish my ducklings. They’ve been sitting sequestered safely amongst the packing tape and boxes and when I had some energy, which wasn’t often, I pecked away at them (no pun intended). Yeah, moving. I don’t recommend it unless it’s for a very good reason. So, you artists out there, if you’re reading this, think about a few things when picking your studio and place of work and try to pick a place you think you can stay long term. That’s one piece of advice I can give you.