I Went to Figure Drawing Class Today

figure drawing

I went to figure drawing class today in Orland at the Orland Art Center. When I first came to this area and found out that they had a class there every Monday I got very excited and I started going every time. Rae Turnbull mentors the class. She always has some great suggestions. She, herself, is a very accomplished artist. She has one of the most the most amazing commands of line I’ve seen. Very sure of herself, she just starts drawing and the next thing you know she’s got a finished drawing.

I, on the other hand, need to sketch. To put down the drawing’s bones before I can put on the flesh, so to speak. The drawing doesn’t unfold for me line by line. I have to get the whole composition basically in place to see where I’m going and if it’s composed in a way that works for me.

At the class they start out with a warm-up of quick gesture drawings and then they go on to 15 or 20 minute poses. This is torture for me. I like to noodle over a drawing and 15 or 20 minutes is not near enough. But it’s good discipline to force me to see the subject. Not just look. If you get the distinction.

So I came away with this drawing that I can work on at home. On this one I started drawing with blue pastel pencil and then, not satisfied, I went to white. It’s a stylized rendition because my glasses aren’t strong enough for me to see the details of the model who is about 10 feet away. So I just take the form as inspiration and put what I feel on the paper. I can still see up close.

This is a drawing that I can peck away at in my spare time. On this one I think I’m going to fill in color. I’m going to expand upon the color that you see in the orange scarf.