I haven’t been working a lot recently. I’ve been stuck. I’ve been trying to write about how this feels but so far I’ve been unsuccessful in doing that.

However, I don’t feel bad about this but it does have to change and change soon. I just know this and I’m taking steps. I once read something that I agree with. To be an artist you don’t have to be working. You are an artist. There’s nothing you can do about it. Either you are or you aren’t. When you are, you are either working or you’re not. Right now, I’m not. But I have work in mind so it’s only a matter of time and then… I’ll be working again!

The way I get unstuck is this: First, don’t panic. The waves crash on the shore and then they recede. This is the way of life. Accept it. When you’re in recession don’t start crying or feel depressed. Just be in recession. You need that. It’s this crazy world that says you must always be ON. You should not always be on. Sometimes you have to turn off. This is the natural way. The thing is this: getting upset just ruffles the surface of the water. How can inspiration rise from the bottom and be seen if the surface of the water is in turmoil? So let it be. There will be an answer. Let it be. Give yourself permission to trust in Creative Intelligence to give you what you really need in perfect divine timing. Guess what? Tomorrow or maybe the next you’ll see! I mean, literally! You will see.

Anyway, this is what works for me. And guess what. I don’t have writer’s or artist’s or anything block. Thank you. Big sigh of relief.

I just submitted two pieces, two pastels, to the Orland Art Center Group Show that is in August. I’veĀ  posted these two pieces on this blog. Guess which ones they are!

In the meantime here’s some old, old pieces I still like. They are from my college days when I was an intaglio printmaker.

indian man