seeker of truth – follow no path – all paths lead where – truth is here

ee cummings

I had so much fun drawing this drawing. I am still having fun looking at it and reflecting what next to do. What line where what shade there. The point is – to have fun. Now at my “advanced age” with my physical infirmities it seems ever more important to remind myself of this fact. Of course, tempered with a splash of reason. But fun, nonetheless.



The magic of drawing is in the strokes.  By strokes I mean the unique quality of the lines or other marks the artist makes.  Some lines jab while others meander.  Some markings are blurred while others are crisp.  The strokes convey in a tactile way the essence of how the artist comes to grips with the challenge of capturing an actual thing or manifesting an inner vision.  Making a drawing is a journey of exploration, and the marks are evidence of the journey.  When we look at a drawing, we can feel the energy that went into it in the particular lines and strokes.

“Self Portrait”



These are drawings that I submitted to the 2014 Orland Art Center Group Show. All were accepted. The show was juried and runs from August 1st through August 23rd, 2014 in Orland, California. Drawing people is my strong suit and I really like doing it. I don’t really like to draw photographically although I can do it. My thought is: why draw photographically when cameras abound? I prefer to draw realistically but add expression to capture the personality of the person. This is the advantage of being an artist. The artist can make choices the camera cannot. All the drawings are large: 24″ x 36″.






“The Riddle”

From The Riddle a poem by Thomas Hardy (1840-1928)

Always eyes east

Ponders she now—

As in devotion—

Hills of blank brow

Where no waves plough.

Never the least

Room for emotion

Drawn from the ocean

Does she allow.